Sulinyugi: our programme to bring calm to school

In the Sulinyugi (CalmSchool) programme, we teach children, teachers, and parents how to manage stress effectively.  
As children already experience a lot of stress at school (e.g. new environment, pressure to perform, peer relationships, to name but a few triggers), we believe it is crucial to start developing this skill at a young age. 
While working with adults on stress management, we often hear our clients saying: "How good it would have been to know this as a child!" That is why we aim to bring this knowledge to as many schools as possible.


The sessions

The sessions provided aim to give the children (and adults involved) the ability: 

•    to recognise their own tensions in time,  
•    to apply stress management tools when needed,  
•    to speak a common language with each other about how to manage stress. 

We intend to ensure a peaceful childhood and joyful educational experience for the next generation and prepare the children and young people to become balanced, successful adults. 


Our methods

Our team is formed by dedicated psychological professionals. Our programmes are developed and continuously improved based on nearly two decades of experience.  
We deliver interactive sessions to teach the participants proven effective stress management techniques, using simple language and examples that children can easily understand.
"You are the captain of your body": our motto is based on the empowerment approach in health psychology. We believe that everyone can manage their stress. Trust in inner resources is an essential support for children, teachers, and parents.